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Dr. Jianwei Li

Principal Investigator, Group Leader, e-mail:

Jianwei Li received his Bachelor degree from Huazhong Agriculture University in 2006. Inspired by the lock-and-key principle, he then started his Master study in supramolecular chemistry in Prof. Huakuan Lin’s lab at Nankai University. In 2009, he moved to the University of Groningen in Netherlands for his PhD study with Prof. Sijbren Otto, investigating self-assembly in complex chemical systems. In March 2014, he obtained his doctorate degree and then joined the group of Prof. Hagan Bayley in Oxford University, UK as a postdoctoral researcher, where he explored reversible chemical reaction and catalysis in protein nanopores at single-molecule level. From September 2016, he started his independent career funded by Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine (TCSM) as a senior researcher at the department of chemistry, University of Turku. In the following years, he will be leading a group to play the interface between systems chemistry and other emerging fields such as materials chemistry, enzymology and biology.

Dr. Yu Cao

Postdoctoral Researcher, e-mail:

I was born and raised in Hefei, Anhui province, which is a beautiful city in China. I received my B.E. degree from Anhui Agriculture University in 2005 and conferred with a M.S. degree from Yangzhou University in 2009. After 3 years working in the industry, I moved to Nanjing University to start my Ph.D studies, which focused on the stimuli-responsive supramolecular (host-guest chemistry) systems, in Professor Leyong WANG's Group. After I got my Ph.D. degree, I started my first postdoctoral postion in CINaM, CNRS, France from Feb. 2016 to Apr. 2017. During this period, my research is focused on the synthesis and application of amphiphilic dendrimers. Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Jianwei Li at the University of Turku exploring biomaterials emerging from Dynamic Combinatorial Libraries. In my spare time, I enjoy sporting, traveling, listening to music and enjoy movie. And my favorite sport is tennis.

Jinghui Yang

PhD Student, e-mail:

I got my B.E degree from Xinjiang University in 2010-2014, including studying courses in chemistry and researching Friedel-Crafts reactions of Indoles and 2,3-Indolinedione Catalyzed by Phosphotungstic acid. I continued my Master degree at the same university. After one year I moved to the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, for my research life about Supramolecular Assembly and Aggregation Induced Fluorescence of Tetraphenylethylene in Professor Jianbin Huang’s group. From November 2017, I am pursuing my PhD degree with Dr. Jianwei Li, at the department of chemistry, university of Turku. The main target of my thesis will be exploring the function of vascular adhesion protein 1(VAP-1) in dynamic combinatorial libraries. 

Yonglei Lyu

PhD Student, e-mail:

I received my Bachelor degree from the East China University of Science and Technology in 2014. Then I started master study in the Polymer Chemistry in Associated Pro. Xiaoyun Liu’s lab at the same university, and obtained my Master degree in 2017. Currently, I am a PhD student with Dr. Jianwei Li at the University of Turku to explore biodynamers emerging from Dynamic Combinatorial Libraries.

Yue Liang

PhD Student, e-mail:

Yue Liang received her Bachelor's degree from China West Normal University in June 2014, majoring in applied chemistry. In september, she was escorted to the school of organic chemistry as a graduate student. In the following three years, she focused on the research of metal-organic framework based on the rigid tetradentate imidazole ligands in Prof. Dabin Qin’s lab at China West Normal University. In 2017, she successfully obtained her master degree, and then joined Dr. Jianwei Li's group, the university of Turku for her PhD study.  

Former Members

Chunfeng Chen (PhD Student), Dr. Yuezhou Zhang (Visiting Scholar)

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